What is Movement / Time

Movement over Time is a framework for accomplishing movement cleanly and efficiently in Unity. In order to use the framework you define a few fields which tell Movement over Time what to do at key points in time. Once you have the parameters of the effect defined the way you want them you can start it running by calling Movement.Run.

The Movement over Time framework has been highly polished to minimize memory allocations, maximize speed, and allow you to control every aspect of the movement effect so that you can create any custom sequence that you can imagine!

Movement over Time is designed to make it easy to add juiciness to your game or app. Juiciness is the opposite of sterile. Juiciness is when a button expands as you hover over it, when elements nudge over to the side to make room for a new button on the screen, or when random objects in your world have eyes which watch you as you pass. It’s when the environment seems to be semi-intelligent and responding to the user.

Movement over Time makes it easy and fun to add juiciness to your app. It is designed to integrate with your existing coding structure. Movement over Time will be useful whether you are just starting a project or are two weeks from release.