What is More Effective Coroutines?

More Effective Coroutines (MEC) is a free asset on the Unity asset store. If you don’t already have it, you can get it here.

More Effective Coroutines is an improved implementation of coroutines that runs about twice as fast as Unity’s coroutines do and has zero per-frame memory allocations. It has been tested and refined extensively to maximize performance and create a rock solid platform for coroutines in your app.

Unity's Built in Coroutines MEC Free MEC Pro
Uses the yield return structure
Time taken to execute 100,000 empty coroutines ~ 110.53ms ~ 9.62ms ~ 9.64ms
Running singleton instances of coroutines
Can switch the timing of coroutines mid-process
CallDelayed, CallPeriodically, and CallContinously
Coroutines can be either linked to a gameObject or not
Timing Segments Unity's Built in Coroutines MEC Free MEC Pro
Fixed Update
Late Update
Slow Update
Realtime Update
Editor Update
Editor Slow Update
End Of Frame
Manual Timeframe