Pause and Resume

In More Effective Coroutines Pro you can pause all coroutines that have a particular layer or tag and resume them later.

This could be useful, for instance, if you had a two layer menu system. If you tagged every movement coroutine with the string “layer1” and opened a menu on layer 2 you could easily stop all movement on layer1 with the command “Timing.PauseCoroutines(“layer1″);”. Later, when your layer 2 menu closed you could resume all movement on layer 1 right where it left off by calling “Timing.ResumeCoroutines(“layer1″);”

Remember that with tags the string has to match exactly every time, so “layer1” is not the same as “Layer1”, “layer 1”, or “laier1”. Always make sure you can spell all tags consistently and watch out for capitalization and spaces (both are ok, but you have to use them the same way every time).